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About Earth Reimagined


Earth Reimagined is an endeavor of Suresh Randadath, an amateur astronomer and environment conservationist, to spread awareness of the third dimension to visualise Earth from a new vantage point. He hopes to achieve this by popularising astronomy, especially by taking astronomy to the classrooms and residential communities. 

Why EarthReimagined?


For most of us Earth is just a place where we build our house, construct our cities and draw our national borders. Our consciousness is limited to the two dimensions of me and my earthly world around me. We have failed to elevate our consciousness above the two dimensions to visualise Earth as a lonely piece of rock floating in the vastness of space vulnerable to threats from the cosmos, notwithstanding the anthropogenic threats of environmental destruction and wars. Earth Reimagined is an attempt to raise the consciousness above the two dimensions so that we will once again cherish and protect this planet and its biosphere. Hopefully this endeavor will one day help us rise above our religious, racial and political differences as one big family, as given in the sacred texts of Maha Upanishad, "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam"  or "the world is one family".

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