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Introduction to EarthReimagined

On the Christmas eve of 1968, Apollo 8, carrying the three astronauts was making the fourth loop around Moon. As the spacecraft skimmed over the desolate lunar landscape, there was a sight waiting at the far horizon that they were not prepared for. The sight of Earth slowly rising above the horizon like a blue marble suspended in the ever enveloping dark void of space. It had a profound impact on the people on board to imagine the billions of life forms living in that small sphere. The lifeless landscape of moon giving an ideal contrast to amplify the fact that this planet with so full of life is so precious and unique. Never before was Earth viewed from such a vantage point.

Back on Earth, our life is trapped in two dimensions; me and my world as seen from Earth's vantage point. The 3rd dimension, that of Earth seen from space, cannot be experienced by humanity at large. Our experience of that dimension is limited to the pictures taken from space. But those pictures did not succeed in making major impact on humanity to realise how fragile, unique and lonely this planet is.

Earth Reimagined is an endeavor to spread the awareness about our fragility, uniqueness and loneliness. We hope that awareness of these factors will help one realise the importance to protect this planet and its biosphere. We also hope that it will help build individuals who would rise above their political and religious differences to consider entire humanity as one big family. A family that needs to stay united  for our own survival as we float around on this planet through the great cosmic void.


The Third Dimension

There was a time when man used to get connected with the cosmos everyday. It was that time before the light bulb was invented, when the night sky was always dark. When the Sun went down, thousands of stars, along with planets and other celestial objects took center stage against the backdrop of the majestic Milkyway. 

Our ancestors did not have the modern day distractions of TV, Internet, Mobile phones, etc. They used to sit around the camp fires and look up and wonder at the grand spectacle that was unveiled every night. They developed a natural curiosity towards the universe by gazing at this spectacle. That curiosity gave birth to astronomers like Hiparcus, Copernicus,  Galileo, Kepler, etc. But a night sky devoid of stars will rob the coming generations off this curiosity. 


The discovery of light bulb changed all that. Rapid urbanization of the planet brought in mindless use of lights, that gave birth to the phenomenon called light pollution. That amber glow that is so common in urban areas that effectively wiped out thousands of stars that once adorned our night skies (click the box "ERASING THE STARS" to read more). Yes, we lost our connect with the Universe, without us knowing. We lost the visibility of the 3rd Dimension that our ancestors were so fully conscious of.


So how do we raise our conscience of the third dimension? We first need to understand our home, Earth. We need to understand our origin, our place in the Universe, our uniqueness, our fragility and our loneliness. We invite you to experience the third dimension through our programmes. 

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Erasing the stars

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