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EARTH, an oasis


Picture credit: ESA

Imagine you live in an impoverished community and someone gifted you a lot of wealth. With so much poverty around you, what would you do with the wealth? Squander it away or consider yourself extremely lucky and preserve your wealth ever so dearly? If you are the former kind, then you are either ignorant or too arrogant. Now look at the picture above. At the center is Earth, a blue marble full of life. On the right is Venus, a furnace created by a runaway greenhouse effect with extreme atmospheric pressures and an atmosphere that rains Sulphuric acid. On the left is Mars, a freezing cold and desolate planet with no signs of life. In a neighborhood that is so hostile and devoid of life, what should we be doing with our precious possession that is so full of life? Unfortunately our greed, arrogance, ignorance and indifference have resulted in this precious planet being squandered away to such an extent that it requires 1.6 x Earth to sustain our lifestyle. We have been overdrawing from the finite resources of this planet so much, we completely consume the notional yearly balance of natural resources in the first 7 months itself. To know more visit

So why do we do this? Two main reasons are our insatiable needs and ignorance. Former is a direct result of a consumption based economy and the latter is due to the fact that we are trapped in the 2nd Dimension. What happens when overshoot day happens to be the new year's day itself? We will have to look for planet B! But there is none yet!!

Earth Overshoot Day.JPG
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