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our loneliness

We have combed every corner of our Solar System, but yet to find life anywhere other than Earth. We have peered far beyond the outer reaches of the Solar System but still no sign of life. We turned our radioscopic ears to the faintest of the radio waves from the cosmos, but no alien civilization called us back. We are alone, orbiting an average star that is tucked away in a forgotten corner of a galaxy called Milkyway. Our nearest star system called Alpha Centauri is about 4.3 light years away from us. With our current technology, we are marooned in the great cosmic void with no possibility of getting any help from anyone if we ever feel the need for help. And here we are ready to annihilate each other across national borders of our own making. Here we are with enough nuclear firepower that can destroy this lonely planet not just once, but thousand times over.


Picture credit: Nasa/JPL

We are lonely. We must be kind to one another.
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