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A fragile planet

The solar system and the planets went through a very violent birth. Life on this planet formed by chance. This world was not designed for us, but we are designed for this world. If we do not live within those design principle, as the most intelligent species we are doing a big disservice to our intellect. The planet was handed over by different life forms that dominated it in a pristine form. Dinosaurs 'ruled' this planet for 150 million years, but they did not destroy the biosphere. Us, the current 'rulers' of this planet do not seem to care. It took us only 100 years to inflict large scare destruction of the biosphere.


We are a special species. No other species went through the kind of brain development like we did. We failed to make use of the rather advanced intelligence bestowed upon us. This intelligence made us so arrogant and greedy that we refused to live by honoring the nature around us. Rather we expected nature to abide by our way of life. This planet does not forgive and forget. It makes those great planetary adjustments, which it has been doing ever since it was formed 4 billion years ago, so as to suit itself. Though the heading above says a Fragile Planet, planet will actually continue to exist by making those adjustments. It will be the living being who will perish.

Universe does not care for us. It is so big a place, Sun and its planets are almost non-existent in astronomical scale. Our position in the great cosmic void is so vulnerable, we can never take Earth for granted.  

But at the moment, we have a responsibility to protect and cherish this blue marble, the only home we have ever known and lived. Earth, that is all we have.

Be Kind, Humble and Proud

We rose as phoenix from the ashes of another star that died billions of years ago, probably one that harbored life in one of its planets - So we must be kind

Life formed and evolved on Earth by chance, against great odds. The size of our moon, our distance from the Sun, the axial tilt, etc. - So we must be humble.

The elements that make up our body are made in the above star. We are all made of Star Stuff - So we must feel proud without ceasing to be kind and humble.

A time to reflect on the fragility of our planet
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