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Earth Hour 2022
Voices of the Planet

Presenting the children who thought it is important that their voices are heard as they speak on behalf of the planet on the occasion of Earth Hour 2022. It becomes our duty to listen to their voices and take pledge to invest on environment conservation so that when future generations question us, we can look into their eyes and say,



Joel talks about the importance of conserving water, the most important aspect of our survival, to preserve this pale blue dot that we call our home


Lyn has lots to say about climate change in general with suggestions on reversing global warming including specific steps we can take locally


Nirvigna is concerned about the loss of nutrition in the soil and explains why it is important to preserve it. She explains how we could stop nutritious soil being washed away. 


Nithila feels that it is humanity's greed that is the cause for the destruction of the environment and gives suggestions on how we can live respecting nature.


Little Ruhi wrote this beautiful poem that touches on the importance of preserving the flaura and fauna that is so important for life.


Little Varad knows a lot when it comes to avoiding wastage of papers and electricity and how we can make small changes to reduce this wastage

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