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Questions of my grandchildren

I am scared. I am scared because I do not have answers to the questions my grandchildren, potentially living in a hostile planet caught in the doldrums of climatic extremes, would ask. What would I answer when they ask me what have I done in my individual capacity to do something to stop the carbon emission? Will I be able to look in their eyes, let alone give a convincing answer?

When I had interacted with few children during one of the past Earth Hour events, I had asked a question about why they do not seem to be worried about their future from a climate change point of view. I always felt that children have not really expressed their anger and frustration at the governments and adults at large for not doing enough to stop the climate catastrophe that is looming large. They have not questioned the current generation for reshaping the planet in such a large scale at such a short time that it will be extremely hard to live for the coming generation.

I am glad that children are now standing up firmly and speaking up strongly. Hope the current generation listen, before we reach the climatic tipping point. We have a responsibility and it starts from each one of us. Preserving the environment is the biggest savings that you can leave behind for your children.

On 15 March 2019, students world over are going to skip school for a day to protest the lack of adequate measures being taken to stop global warming. More details here:

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